21st FX-FJ Nationals Bathurst – 28 to 31 December 2012

About 180 FX and FJ Holdens, both stock and modified, assembled in the picturesque New South Wales city of Bathurst for a four-day event celebrating the old Holdens and their owners. Here is a selection of twelve vehicles that caught Don Loffler’s eye.


01 Black 48-215 Alan and Joe Little01:  The black 48-215 sedan was the oldest Holden present. Owned by Alan and Joe Little, it has body number 316, built in 1948. It was the second Holden to be assembled in GMH’s Perth plant in 1949. Amazingly, it is in original condition, including paint and trim.



02 Blue 1951 Sedan Barry Maxted

02:  Barry Maxted’s beautifully restored 1951 sedan, painted Newmoon Blue, won the top prize of ‘Grand Champion Stock’.




03  Forester Green Sedan Vince Tabone03:  Vince Tabone’s Forester Green sedan is in original, unrestored condition. Many people compliment Vince on resisting the urge to restore it.




04 48-215 Taxi Sedan Eddie Tabone04:  Eddie Tabone’s 48-215 taxi sedan replica, complete with authentic exterior and interior fittings, always attracts much admiration.




05 FJ Panel Van Bob and Lyn Wilkeson and Black 50-2106 Utility Kym Gregory

05:  Our club provided a number of attention-grabbers, among them, Bob and Lyn Wilkeson’s PMG FJ panel van, painted in authentic Post Office Red, and Kym Gregory’s 50-2106 utility, painted matte black with red wheels – very popular with the younger generation.


06 FJ Panel Van Jason Vella

06:  Jason Vella’s stunning FJ panel van restoration won the Chapter trophy and the People’s Choice award.




07 FJ Panel Van Greg and Anne Turner

07:  Undoubtedly the rarest of all the vehicles on display was Greg and Anne Turner’s Department of Works FJ panel van, the first of its kind ever to be fully restored. So many know-alls called the Aviation Surface Orange paintwork ’ wrong’ that Anne was forced to put a notice over the number plate, saying, ‘Yes, this is the right colour!’


08 FJ Station Sedan Replica Steve Sherri

08:  Steve Sherri owns this FJ station sedan replica, created at huge expense of time and money by Phil Munday and his brilliant craftsmen.




09 48-215 Kerrin Hampstead

09:  Kerrin Hampstead loves her 48-215 convertible, which she acquired from its creator in Queensland.





10 48-215 Convertible Maurie Cole

10:  The other 48-215 convertible belongs to Maurie Cole, who uses the car to tow a vintage caravan to many Holden shows.





11 FJ Stretch Limousine Paul Baker

11:  Paul Baker’s FJ stretch limousine is one of three registered in Australia. The car is so well engineered that it rides like a modern luxury sedan.




12 FJ Twin Cab Utility Dudley Monement

12:  Dudley Monement’s FJ twin-cab utility was a sensation. Created by Dudley himself, the vehicle took many years to complete, and one can scarcely imagine the time and money it must have cost him.